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Telchines, Enchanters.
[to Whom the twenty-ninth day of July, day 210, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Pre-Achean: Rhodes, Crete. From Argos[?\gds\gazeteer.1].
Linguistic Note: the name was derived by Greek grammarians from thelgein, 'to enchant', but maybe a variant of Tyrrhen, or Tyrsen. {Could these words be connected with Tyrsenoi, the Greek name for the Etruscans? See Turan Linguistic Note}. As an appellation: 'a mischievous elf'.
Description: Ennead dog-headed, flipper-footed Children of the sea; Goddess of water, agriculture and fate; the Hounds of Artemis; Raisers of magic mists.
Note: The Telchines are also described as the aboriginal inhabitants of Rhodes who founded the three cities named after the three persons of Danae and Who subsequently migrated to Crete. And they are further described as a legendary primitive tribe represented as early cultivators of the soil, ministers of the Deities (whose images the Telchines were the first to carve), inventors of the useful arts and bronze-working. They forged Cronus's toothed sickle and Poseidon's Trident. They were regarded as sorcerers and envious demons with the power of controlling the destructive elements.
To Whom Sacred: willow (Their magic mists were raised with willow spells); colander (for rain-making magic); Their image was used as figure-heads for ships.

Source: Graves GMv1 15, 155, 188-9, 203-4; Graves WG 467; IGEL 799; Walker WEMS 990.
Amymone, Blameless.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Argive.
To Whom Sacred: the spring of Lerna.
Male Associates: Lover: Poseidon. Consort: Enceladus.

Source: Graves GMv1 60; Kravitz WWGRM 21.
Cameira, Sharer-Out.

Geography/Culture: Rhodes?
Linguistic Note: feminised Cameirus, it is apparently a worn down form of Catamerizousa.
Description: One person of the triple Goddess of Fate; {She Who alots the length of lives}.

Danaides, Those-Who-Judge.
Alternate meanings: {Those-Who-Relieve-the-Parched-Earth}.

Geography/Culture: Greek: especially at Lerna and Rhodes.

The three persons of Danae, She-Who-Judges, as Goddess of fate.
Composed of:
Cameira, Sharer-Out, Ialysa, Wailing-Woman and Linda, Binder-with-Linen-Thread
The Danaides were also the incarnate aspect of Danae as colleges of fifty moon-priestesses who specialised in rain-making by sympathetic magic. The winner of a foot-race (the origin of the Olympic Games) was the means of choosing the chief-priestess. Their names were probably all titles of Danae.
To Whom Sacred: sieve (for rain-making by sympathetic magic -- which has remained a symbol of the wise-woman for many centuries). Source: Graves GMv1 60, 189, 204-5; Graves WG 67.
Hydra, Water-Creature.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Fifty-headed Goddess. Personification of a college of Danaides.

Source: Graves GMv1 204.
Ialysa, Wailing-Woman.

Geography/Culture: Greek?
Linguistic Note: feminised ialysus, a worn down form of ialemistria.
Description: One person of the triple Goddess of Fate; {"She Who cuts it off!"; the final Fate -- Death}.

Linda, Binder-with-Linen-Thread.

Geography/Culture: Greek?
Linguistic Note: feminised Lindus, a worn down form of Linodeousa.
Description: One person of a triple Goddess of fate; {She Who knits the physical body}.

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