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Iztaccihuatl, White-Woman.
[to Whom the twenty-ninth day of October, day 302, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: North America: Aztec. She had temples in Mexico City and a cave shrine on the volcano, named for Her, east of Mexico City.
Linguistic Note: iztac,' white' and cihuatl, 'woman'.
Snowy Goddess and eponym of the White Mountains.
To Whom Sacred: the colors white, green, blue and black; child and adult human sacrifice.
Festival: October 29 -- The Hueypachtli, 'Great moss festival', or Tepeilhuitl, 'Feast of the hills' in honor of the mountains, including the mountain Iztaccihuatl. Dough representations of the mountains were made, complete with faces; after the 'head' was lopped off, the rest of the dough mountain was eaten. At the same festival (or perhaps another one): sacrifice of a woman representing Her, dressed in green, wearing a white crown painted with black lines (showing that the White Mountain is green where the trees grow and that above was the snow-covered peak).
Contemporary nocturnal festival, May 03 (at a mountain shrine, possibly one of Hers) during which the celebrants seek to discover their nahuatl -- alter ego, or animal guardian.
Iconography: wooden statue dressed in blue, wearing a tiara of white paper painted black, behind it a silver medallion to which were attached black and white feathers and from which hung many streamers of black paper which fell down Her back. Her face was that of a young woman, Her cheeks always painted in various colors.
Male Associate: consort, Popocatepetl, Smoking-Mountain.

Source: DFD.BGRAC/157, 248-50, 253, 452.
worked on: October, July 1995; August 1991.
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