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Kundalini, Latent-Energy.
Alternate meanings: Coiled-Up
[to Whom the twelfth day of August, day 224, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddess of meditation and liberation (moksa); World Mother; She Who is Potential Energy lying coiled eight times, like a serpent ready to spring, at the base of the human spine; the eternally spiraling Serpent Power; Divine Power; She Who shines like the stem of a young lotus; Mystic Fire; She Who 'sings Her song' out of which are woven all the forms of all the worlds; She Whose treasure is the human voice and its sounds.
Note: "After having propagated the world around them by many active coilings", the concentrated energy represented by Kundalini remains dormant in most people. But Kundalini can be awakened by a difficult Yoga (yoking mind and body), and caused to rise through six planes (chakras) to the brain, the seventh transcendental plane, where Her worshipper emerges from the limitaions of time. The brain, as the largest and most important nerve centre, is represented by a thousand-petalled lotus in the center of which the final union of Sakti and Siva takes place. The work of awakening and urging upwards one's personal Kundalini till enlightenment is attained may be conceived of as the making of a personal contribution to the great work of evolutionary energy towards its as yet unknown goal.
To Whom Sacred: snake; human nervous system, especially the brain; music and song; the 50 letters of the Devanagari (Sanskrit writing-system), they are the strings of Her instrument with which She sings Her song of worlds; {electro-magnetic force}.
Male Associate: Mahisa (presumably) buffalo form of Sumbha slain by Her as Mahisasuramardini.

Source: Johnson LB 173; Sjöö & Mor GCM 75, 172; Stutley HDH 156-7, 351.
Mahisasuramardini, Crusher-of-the-Demon-Buffalo.
Alternate meanings: Slayer-of-Mahisa.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.

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