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Tara, Star.
Alternate meaning: Saviour.
[to Whom the twenty-third day of July, day 204, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Tibet: Buddhist. Hindustani: Tantric.
Linguistic Note: Tara is a place name in Ireland, sacred to Taillte, could there be a connection?
Description: Goddess of playfulness, laughter, spiritual longing, mysticism and compassion; White Star of meditation; Green Star of terror; Queen of time; She Who represents the absolute hunger propelling all life; She Who ferries between the shores of delusion and knowledge.
She manifests in various forms. White-Tara, All-seeing Mother of beings, the beauty of Whose form calms the storms of emotions; with Her seven eyes She Who perceive the most hidden distress; She Whose right hand offers healing and peace to all who invoke Her boundless mercy.
Golden-Tara, Bestower of blessings, Merciful Mother of beings; She Who empowers our eyes to perceive beauty when invoked to do so; She Who opens hearts to the healing of compassion when invoked to do so; She is the great benefactress.
Green-Tara, Healer of emotional distress; She Who has eight major manifestations, each healing a specific form of emotional pain.
This Mantra must be added to the Anthology: Like the sun which emits countless rays, compassion is the source of all inner growth and positive actions. Its power can transform ourselves and others so that our lives become radiant and light. OM TARA TUTARA TURE SVAHA. (Source: Dharma Publishing, Berkeley Catalog (UNDATED).
Iconography: Ten small images of Tara viewable from this site.
To Whom Sacred: star; rosary of 108 beads, each of which stand for one of Her names.
Male Associate: consort, Avalokiteshvara, He-Who-Hears-the-Cries-of-the-World. She is sometimes said to have been born from a tear shed by Avalokiteshvara upon seeing the pervasive sufferings of beings.

Source: Stutley 300-1, 310.
Ugratara, Powerful-Star.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani, possibly Tibetian.
Description: Goddess of the all-consuming, self-combusting solar-fire.
So long as offerings are made to the sun it will shed its heat beneficially but if they cease, it will assume the all-consuming form of Ugratara.
To Whom Sacred: {nuclear fission}. Source: Stutley 310.
worked on: June, July 1990; July 1991; June 1995.
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