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Vajravarahi, {Strength-of-the-Sow}.
Alternate meaning: Diamond-Wild-Sow.
[to Whom the first day of December, day 335, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Tibet: Buddhist.
Linguistic Note: this must be the Hindu form of Her Tibetian name. Since from other sources I have learned that vajra means 'thunder-bolt' and therefore figuratively signifies 'strength', and 'diamond', I assume varahi means 'sow'.
Description: Goddess of wisdom through initiation; She Who drives away evil spirits {rage, depression, boredom}; She Who bewitches women and men; She Who is incarnate in mortal women by the sign of a pig's face on the nape of the neck; Protectress of Her worshippers.
To Whom Sacred: sow; gold; lapis-lazuli; bowl; necklace of heads; vajra (thunderbolt weapon, symbol of energy, etc).

Source: Image: Couchoud AMDDEM 165; Olschak MAAT 51; Stutley HDH 66.
hOd-zer-can-ma, ----.

Geography/Culture: Tibet: Buddhist.
Description: She Who is Radiant with Light; She Who protects against sickness.
To Whom Sacred: ear of corn; lotus throne; pigs; cart; the number 6 (six pigs draw the cart which carries Her lotus throne).
Iconography: She has three faces and eight arms. In Her upper left hand She holds an ear of corn.

Source: Olschak MAAT 152 {and more}.
Marici, Ray-of-Dawn.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani: Tantric Buddhist.
Iconography: She is habitually represented with three heads, the centre face, peaceful in aspect has the third-eye, the right-hand face is red and grimacing, the left is a sow's head.

Source: Couchoud AMDDEM 165, image 164; New Larousse EM 359; Werner DCM 95.
worked on: September, May 1995; August, July 1991; July 1990.
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