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Vete-Ema, Water-Mother.
Alternate meanings: Sea-Mother.
[to Whom the twenty-fifth day of November, day 329, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Finnish.
Linguistic Note: I surmise the element vete signifies 'water', or 'sea', and that therefore the ema element means 'Mother'. The meer and mier of the first two variants remind me of the Old English mere for 'sea', 'lake', which has the Indo-European root mori-, 'body of water', and many related m- words for water in other European languages.
Description: Goddess of the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams; Spirit of water; Ruler of sea-creatures, especially the fish; She Who sends fish into the nets of fisherfolk.
To Whom Sacred: fish; brandy; silky, silver-streaked hair; water-sprinkled on people; offerings of bread and cheese, cloth and thread.

Source: Monaghan BGH 39, 300.

Vellamo, {She-Who-rocks-Herself}.

Geography/Culture: Finnish.
Linguistic Note: the name is derived from velloa, 'to rock oneself'.
Description: Goddess of the sea; She Who lives at the far end of the cloudy headland, under deep waves.
To Whom Sacred: Vetehinen, genii of the waters, generally harmful.
Male Associate: consort, Ahti, ---. God of the waters.

Source: Funk & Wagnall MFL 1155; Larousse NLEM 304.
worked on: October, May 1995; April 1992; August 1991.
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