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Vortumna, She-Who-Turns-the-Year-About.
Alternate meanings: She-Who-Brings, Chance.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of November, day 330, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: proably related to Latin vortex, vertere, to turn, from IndoEuropean root wer-. There are many related turn words including: inward, worth, stalwart, weird, versatile, verse, version, versus, vertebra, vertex, adverse, anniversary, avert, controversy, convert, divert, invert, pervert, prose, universe, wreath, writhe, wrath, worry, wring, wrong, wrench, wrinkle, converge, wry, wriggle, wrist, wrestle, briar, warp, reverberate, wrap, rhapsody, worm, vermin.
Description: Oracular Goddess of the year and fate; She Who urges reproduction; Controller of destinies; Matron of gardeners, and of women seeking conception.
To Whom Sacred: oak; cornucopia; wheel (of the year); ship's prow and rudder; sphere.

Fortuna, She-Who-Brings.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: from Latin fors, fort-, chance.
Description: Oracular Goddess of destiny, fortune and good luck; She Who is worshipped by women desiring offspring, and gardeners seeking a good yield.
To Whom Sacred: globe, sphere, or ball (on which She is often represented standing, (this is said to indicate the mutability of Her favours); wheel (symbolizing the precariousness of things in this life); cornucopia (which She holds in one hand while distributing luck from it with the other); rudder (with which She guides the world's affairs).
Iconography: She is often veiled or blindfolded.

Source: MonaghanBGH 110; Funk & Wagnell SDFML 412; Vermeule GRARE 8, 38, 48.
Virilis, ----.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Description: Goddess of virility; She Who makes women irresistable to men; Preserver of women's beauty.
In Her name Roman matrons regularly invaded the men's public baths seeking luck.

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