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Whaitiri, Blind-Grandmother.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of March, day 085, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Polynesian: perhaps Maori.
Description: Goddess of thunder; She Whose dwelling is the sky; Cannibal Chieftainess; She Who sits near the end of a swinging vine guarding the way to the other world; Inventrix of the latrine; Eater of human flesh; [Mother of the evolution of life prior to the development of sight].
In some stories Her sight is restored by a slap, or an application of clay or spittle, or by throwing two young coconuts at her eyes. The theme of blindness occurs throughout the cycle of stories about Her descendants; Her son Hema, for example, was seized by goblins who gouged out his eyes to use for lights.
To Whom Sacred: Taro root; latrine (She taught humanity the use of it too); the number 10; a great fish-hook trimmed with red feathers.
Male Associates: Consort: Kaitangata, Man-Eater, a warrior chief. She descended from the sky to marry him believing his name meant he enjoyed the same diet as Herself but it alluded to his prowess as a warrior. Sons: Hema, ----, and Punga, ----.

Source: Monaghan BGH 306; Poignant OM 65-67.
Ruruhi-Kerepo, Blind-Old-Woman.

Geography/Culture: Maori.
Linguistic Note: Maori ruruhi 'old woman', and kerepo, 'blind'.
Description: Old blind Ogress; She Who can look harmless enough; She Whose hands are gnarled, strong and hairy, with claw-like nails; She Whose open mouth looks like the jaw of a taniwha; She Who, after biting off the head of a victim, swallows the body whole; She Whose body bristles, like a porcupine fish, with the bones of the people She's swallowed.
To Whom Sacred: cloak (with which She is usually covered); the number 5 (the number of young girls She has been known to eat at one time); [taniwha (fabulous monster, usually aquatic)].

Sources: Reed MML 86; Reed MMSWM 63, 64.
worked on: October, May 1995; July 1991.
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