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Graiae, Grey-Ones.

Alternate meanings: The-Grey-Women, Shrouded-Ones, Crones, Old-Women.
[to Whom the seventh day of June, day 158, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: far west; {And/or perhaps} especially Dodona {where the oracle is}. Circa 800 BC, first mentioned by Hesiod who named only two.
Description: Beautiful, fair-faced, swan-like, grey-haired Triple Hag Goddess of earth, prophesy, fate, and sudden death; Guardian of poetic mysteries; Eponym of Greece; the Shrouded Ones.
To Whom Sacred: willow; swan (bird of death in European mythology); the eye (of insight); crane; the tooth (of wisdom and diviniation); the colours grey and yellow.
Male Associates: Perseus.
<<<>>> Composed of:
Deino, Terrible, Enyo, Warrior, and Pemphredo, Wasp.
Source: Encyc Brit v21 187a; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 461; Graves GMv1 129; Graves WG 225, 229-31.
Deino, The-Terrible.

Alternate meanings: Dread.
Geography/Culture: Greek. Source:
Pemphredo, The- Wasp.

Alternate meanings: Alarm.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: She Who was beautifully clothed. Source: Funk & Wagnall SDFML 461.
worked on: August 6, 1991; May 1995.
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