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Nebthet, Mistress-of-the-Palace.
[to Whom the ninth day of March, day 068, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian: From Libya.
Linguistic Note: Egyptian neb, 'basket'; het, 'palace'.
Description: Goddess of death, fertility and regeneration; Lady of heaven; Mistress of the Deities and of the Two Lands; Wing-armed friend and protectress of the dead; Conductress of the soul's journey to judgement; Ruler of darkness and decay; Lady of life that arises out of death; Sorceress and adept at healing.
To Whom Sacred: basket; lungs (in canopic jars).
Male Associates: some say son, Anubis, by lover Osiris. Consort, Set.

Source: Graves GMv1 124; Mercatante WWEM 106.
worked on: January 1997; September 1995; February 1992; February, August 1991; August 1990.
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