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Ops, Fruitfulness.
Alternate meanings: Resources, Plenty, Wealth, Might, Power.
[to Whom the eighteenth day of November, day 322, dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Ancient Italian [does this mean Etruscan?], Roman. The temple of Saturn near the Forum was dedicated to Her and Her consort.
Linguistic Note: Related English word: opulent.
Description: Mighty Goddess of the earth and its riches; Bestower of fertility and healing; Protectress of virginity; [Powerful Mistress of resources and conservation]; Queen of plentiful crops and abundant harvest.
To Whom Sacred: snake (snakes were consecreated and kept in Her temple in Rome); medicinal herbs; sitting on and touching the earth with the fingers when making vows.
Festival: Volcanalia, August 23; Opiconsivia, August 25; Opalia, December 19. Her festivals were conducted by Vestals and matrons. No men were allowed to be present.
Male Associates: She was worshipped with Consus, god of crops who, some imply, was also Her consort. Son, Jupiter, by consort Saturn. Son, Eurypylus by Evaemon.

Source: EB/Saturn; FWSDFML/825; HG.HCM/194; KD.WWGRM/170; NLEM/208; RJH.HGM/46.
Consiva, She-Who-Conserves.
Alternate meaning: {Conservator}.

Geography/Culture: Roman. Linguistic Note: from Latin conservare: 'com-' (intensive) + servare, 'to keep, preserve'. Related English words: conserve, conservative, conservation etc.
Description: Goddess of sowing and reaping; Protectress of crops and harvests; {She Who concerns Herself with the conservation of natural resources, ecological balance and conservation of energy}.
To Whom Sacred: conservatory (ie. school of music or dramatic art).

Source: EB/Saturn; HG.HCM/194
Lua, ----.

Geography/Culture: Ancient Roman.
Description: Arms taken from the enemy were dedicated to Her.
Male Associate: Consort, Saturn.

Source: HG.HCM/155.
worked on: October, May 1995; August 1991.
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