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Ossipago, Bone-Strengthener.
[to Whom the twenty-first day of November, day 325, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: from Greek osteon, 'a bone'; Latin os, ossis, 'bone'. Related English word: osseous.
Description: Goddess of the growth of the foetus {and the evolutionary development of the skeletal structure in animals}
. To Whom Sacred: {comfrey}; {skeleton}; {bones}; {fossilized bones}.

Source: M,P.BGH/162; EB/Juno. Herb encylo. re comfrey.
Carnea, Flesh.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Description: Goddess of death and resurrection; She Who holds the keys of the Underworld; Presider over embryonic development and the physical processes of survival.
To Whom Sacred: bean-plant (spiral-growth round props portends resurrection); bean-flower (because white); beans (the seed, they were believed by the Romans to contain souls looking for resurrection -- a fart indicates a soul who didn't succeed in becoming incarnated and is released again to the spirit world); pork (ritually eaten with beans: the pig is traditionally associated with death Goddesses); spiral patterns; keys of the underworld; the colour white.
Festival: June 1 -- (a feast of pork and beans).

Source: Graves WG 69.
Nagar-Saga, Framer-of-the-Fetus.

Geography/Culture: Sumerian, Babylonian.
Description: Goddess of childbirth.

Source: BGH/212.
worked on: August, June 1995; August 1991.
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