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Amphictyonis, President-of-Neighbors.
Alternate meanings: Fastener-Together.
[to Whom the fourteenth day of January, day 013, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Athela near Thermophlae.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography alpha-mu-phi-iota-kappa-tau-upsilon-omikron-nu-iota-sigma, (amfiktuonis). The Amphictyonia was a body composed of amphictiones, dwellers around, an association of ancient Greek communities centering around a shrine.
Description: Goddess of wine, conviviality, friendship between nations, and internationalism; Foundress and eponym of the Amphictyonic League (League of Neighbours); {She Who encourages global thinking; Matron of the United Nations; She Who promotes international festivals and fairs for the interchange of ideas and goods; She Who opposes insularity}.
To Whom Sacred: grapevine-stock; wine tempered with water (which was drunk at the meetings of the league -- the tempering was probably a precaution against bellicose disputes); white bitch (who littered a stick which, when planted grew into a vine); the number 12 (the number of tribes who formed the Delphic Amphityonic league); spring and autumn meetings.
Festival: {June 26 Unified Earth Idea Day -- In 1945 on this date the United Nations Charter adopted at San Francisco}.
Male Associate: She was masculinized into Amphictyon.

Source: Encyc Brit 13thv1 865-6; ibid 13thv7 981; Graves GMv1 90, 94, 142; Graves WG 239-40
Atthis, ----.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Male Associates: son, Erechtheus, Earth-Born, (who was brought up by Athene), by rapist Hephaestus.

Source: Encyc Brit v9 736.
Crane, The-Harsh-and-Stony-One.

Geography/Culture: She owned a hill temple near Delphi, and a grove, the Cranaeum, outside Corinth.
Linguistic Note: Greek cranae, rock.
Description: She Whose hostility to children has to be constantly appeased.
To Whom Sacred: cypress; the letter H and it's month in the tree calendar.
Male Associate: Amphictyon, President-of-Neighbors.

She may have been triple with:
{???see hard copy???} and Atthis, ----
Source: Graves WG 70, 265, 464
worked on: October 1995; August 1991; July, June 1990.
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