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Oto-Hime, `{Princess-of-the-Sea's-Sounds}'.

Alternate meaning: `[Deep-sea]'.

[to Whom the twenty-second day of March, day 081, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Japanese.

Linguistic note: see Tatsuta-Hime, linguistic note.

Description: Goddess of the sea, enchantment and the ever-changeful eternal present; Queen of the ocean depths: She Who is beautiful, too beautiful to describe; She Whose home is Ryugu-jo `The Palace of the Sea Dragon'; Matron of fishermen.

To whom are sacred: turtle (who led Urashima-Taro to Her home); castle beneath the waves; ornate box which She gave to Urashima-Taro (containing years in the form of white smoke).

Male associate: Lover: Urashima-Taro, `----'. Mortal fisherman symbolizing the passage of time. He who is concerned for marine life.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: Monaghan BGH 231; Oda G 20, 21.

Ningyo, `Fish-Woman'.

Geography/Culture: Japanese.

Description: Goddess of water and of immortal youth and beauty.

To whom are sacred: fish; manatee (She Herself looks like a fish with a woman's head); pearls (which are Her tears).

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: Monaghan BGH 219.

Toyo-Tama-Bime, ----.

Geography/Culture: Japanese.

Description: Graceful shapeshifting Dragoness of the deep.

To Whom is sacred: shark covered with scales (in which form She gave birth to Her son).

Male associates: Her consort is Hikohohademi, ----, by Whom She had a son. She is a Daughter of the sea god.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: Couchoud AMDDEM 397.

Tama-Yori-Bime, ----,

Description: Ancestress of the Japanese dynasty {find out more}.

Male associate: She was the wet-nurse to Toyo-Tama-Bime's son, and eventually married him.

Titles, Variants, etc.

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