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Papa, Foundation.
Alternate meanings: Earth, Earth-Mother.
[to Whom the twenty-fourth day of June, day 175, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Polynesia. Especially the Maoris of New Zealand.
Description: Goddess of earth; Enfolder of death; She Who is identified with all underworlds and their Goddesses; Old Lady; Progenitrix of the deities, the elements, the land and all living things; Parent of the people; {She Who promotes the saving of New Zealand's native forests;} She Who produces food abundantly; She Whose loving sighs reach up to the sky father in the form of mists.
See also Goddess Anthology under Papa.
Male Associates: consort, Rangi, Sky-Father; sons, Tane, ----, god of craftsmen, father of the forest and its creatures (She taught him how to form humanity form Her own substance); Tu, ----, of the angry face (and other names); Rongo, ----, father of cultivated foods; Haumia, ----, {try and check spelling} father of uncultivated plants; and Tawhiri, ----, father of storms and winds.

Source: main meaning from New Zealand inhabitant Karen Manson; Poignant OM 29, 30, 31, 37, 41, 45, 54.
Fakahotu, ----,

Geography/Culture: Polynesia: On the coral atolls of the Tuo-Mountain chain.
Linguistic Note: Her name and the alternate Hakahotu are said to suggest coral growth, but without exact translation.
Male Associates: consort Atea, ----.

Source: Funk & Wagnall FWSDMFL 87.
Hine-Nui-Te-Po, Great-Lady-of-Darkness.

Alternate meanings: Great-Lady-of-Shadows, Great-Woman-of-the-Night.

Geography/Culture: Polynesia: New Zealand Maori.
Description: Goddess of sexual morality, the love of children, night and death: She Who is sometimes thought to rule the entire world of the dead, or just the upper four Te Reinga, 'the leaping place of the spirits'; while Her consort draws their descendants into the light She goes below to gather them into darkness; She Who casts sleep inducing spells.
To Whom Sacred: food eatern in Her realm (after which there is no return); the adam's apple (which She placed in Tane's throat as a parting gift when She descended to the underworld).
Male Associates: consort/father: Tane, ----, God of the forest, fertiliser, sustainer.

Source: CR.MIE/274; NLEM/451-2; RAW.MMSWM/13-22, 63. {Also check Poignant OM 42, 61.}
Miru, Admirable.

Alternate meanings: Beautiful.

Geography/Culture: More or less throughout Polynesian.
Description: Goddess of death; Dreaded One of ultimate extinction; Ruler of the lowest three levels of the Underworld; She Who catches weak or evil souls in Her net and vapourises them in Her oven so they shall return to earth no more.
She is sometimes masuclinised.
To Whom Sacred: the plant pohutukawa, especially its red blossoms called Te Pua-o-te-reigna, 'the flower of the spirits' flight; net; oven.

Source: NLEM/452; Poignant OM 63.
Rohe, ----.

Geography/Culture: Polynesia.
Description: Ferrywoman of the underworld; Ruler of the three middle regions of the underworld.
Male Associates: consort, Maui, ----.

Tangaroa, ----,

Geography/Culture: Polynesia.
Description: Divine Shehe of the sea; Progenitrix of fishes and reptiles.
To Whom Sacred: all red foods.

Vari-Ma-Te-Takere, The-Beginning-and-the-Bottom.

Geography/Culture: Polynesia. Maugaian {check spelling, perhaps Mangaian} islanders of the Cook group.
To Whom Sacred: coconut shell (in which the universe is contained).
Male Associates: She is the Mother of six sons, one of whom, plucked from Her side, is called Vatea, (elsewhere called Atea and Rangi), half-fish, half-man.

worked on: June, July 1990; August 1991; June 1995.
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