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Selket, {Scorpion}.
[to Whom the twentieth day of December, day 354, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Goddess of conjugal union, child-birth and nursing; She Who is noted for Her magical powers, especially those related to the treating of scorpion stings; She is sometimes said to be particularly associated with the sun's scorching heat; Winged Protectress of the living and the dead; She Who goes before the dead-one on eris journey; Gaurdian of the intestines.
To Whom Sacred: scorpion (it was said that those who worshipped Isis were never stung by a scorpion, and/or that scorpions respected Isis, Lap-of-Power, and would therefore never kill a woman, only men); swallow (in which She is incarnate -- the swallow is harbinger of glad tidings and is also the form a soul can take on its journey through the land of Osiris -- Isis can also take the form of a swallow); teeth (in the Deification of Members in the Book of the Dead); falcon-headed canopic jar (containing intestines of the dead); the number 7 (seven scorpions accompany and aid Isis on Her journey); one leg (Selket, {Scorpion}, and Neith, World-Weaver, in the Deification of the Members, are the legs); the direction west; knife (which, with Herthesuf and his knife, they drive into the body of Afu-Ra in the 7th Section of the Tuat, call the Phetshetat "The Hidden Region").
Iconography: She is often portrayed on the walls of tombs with Her winged arms outstretched in a portective gesture. Sometimes She is represented as a Woman with a scorpion on Her head, or as a scorpion with the head of a Woman.
Male Associates: consort, falcon-headed Qebsnuf. She joins Neith, Nepthys and Isis in keeping watch over the body of Osiris.

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worked on: November, May 1995; July 1991.
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