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Shait, Shadow.
Alternate meanings: Fate, Destiny, What-is-Ordained, {She-Shadow}.
[to Whom the eleventh day of June, day 162, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Africa: Egyptian (26.58n x 27.01e).
Linguistic Note: is it possible that English: shade, shadow, etc., could be related words or are they accidentally homophonic?
Description: Multiple Goddess of luck, destiny and intelligence; She Who is born with a girl child; She Who grows with, shadows and accompanies women thoughout life; all women have their Shait; She Who at death speaks on the soul's behalf before Maat, Turth, to render exact account in preparation for the conditions of a new life; Guardian Spirit of women; She Who ordains the length of women's lives and the nature of their deaths.
In New Kingdom tombs the black shadow of the deceased is sometimes shown leaving the tomb accompanied by eris soul-bird, the ba.
To Whom Sacred: {a person's shadow}; the pillars of balance.
Male Associates: Thoth. Perhaps Her male conterpart, perhaps consort: Shai, What-is-ordained. Just as all women have their Shait, all men have their Shai.

Source: Budge BD 193, 235; Monaghan BGH 267; Lurker GSAE 110; NLEM 38; WWEM.AM 153-4. {Add more from Ions EM 112}.
worked on: May, June 1995; July 1991; July, June 1990.
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