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Sunna, Mistress-Sun.
[to Whom the twenty-third day of December, day 357, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: German. Or Norse.
Description: Bright Bride of heaven; Goddess of the sun; Deciever of dwarfs; Controller of winds; Weaver of light; Maker of the music of the spheres.
To Whom Sacred: golden distaff; song; horses and chariot; shield; stone.

Source: Monaghan BGH 277.
Nott, Night.

Geography/Culture: Scandinavian.
Description: Primeval Goddess of night; Mother of day; She Who rides forth each evening on Her horse Frosty-Mane.
To Whom Sacred: horse; dew (which falls from the foaming mouth of Frosty-Mane).

Source: Monaghan BGH 224.
Sol, Lady-Sun.

Geography/Culture: Norse. {Or perhaps Anglo Saxon.}
Description: Goddess of the sun; Postillion to the two horses, Avakr, Early-Wake and Alsvithr, Supreme-in-Strength, who pull Her chariot; She Who likes to sit on a stone and sing.
To Whom Sacred: the east (in which direction one must face when invoking Her); horse (traditionally associated with the sun); {perhaps} Solmonath, (the second month of the Anglo Saxon year, approximately February); the number nine (one must bow nine times to the east before beginning one's invocation); the number three ("then turn three times sunwise and stretch yourself along the ground full length and say the litany there...").
Male Associates: consort Glenr, Gleam. Her brother is Mani, Moon.

Source: Branston GN 67; Branston LGE 51.
Worked on: November, May 1995; July 1991; July 1990.
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