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Tzu-Ku-Shen, Violet-Lady.
Alternate meaning: Purple-Lady.
[to Whom the first day of August, day 213, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Chinese. (Late 20th century capitol city: 39 55 n x 116 23 e)
Description: Goddess of prophesy; Spirit of latrines; She Who is invoked, by women only, for the purposes of divination, with the words: 'The son-in-law Tzu-Hsu is dead, the legitimate wife has disappeared, you may come out, my pretty lady'.
Originally, it is said, She was a well-educated mortal concubine of an official. Having been murdered in a latrine by his jealous wife the Supreme Being took pity and Deified Her, c. AD 685-9 in the reign of Empress Wu Hou.
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Tzu-Ku-Shen.
To Whom Sacred: pounded rice (used in festival divination rite); water-closets, out-houses, latrines; cesspools; the corners of pig-stys (where She is also sometimes invoked); k'end, 'dung-basket' (used for general private divination).
Festival: 29th night of the 12th moon. (for description see DCM/535).

Source: Monaghan BGH 291; Werner DCM 218; 535.
K'eng-San-Ku, The-Third-Lady.

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Linguistic Note: third lady of the family, that is, third in the order of Daughters.

K'eng-San-Ku-Niang, {Those-Who-Watch-Over-the-Pit}.

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Linguistic Note: k'end, 'a pit', in this phrase is used for the usually red coloured, small round tub used by the Chinese as a water-closet and into which women give/gave birth.
Description: Triple Goddess of childbirth and magic; Protectress of the 'spotless bucket'; Overseer of 'the Golden Bushel of Troubled Origins'.

Composed of:
First and eldest of the three Daughters: Yun-Hsiao, EÜ-$E9, ----.
Second Daughter: Ch'iung-Hsiao, C-YÑG-$E9, ----. Third Daughter: Pi-Hsiao, ----.
To Whom Sacred: the colour red; the 'Golden Bushel of Troubled Origins'; the 'Golden Dragon-scissors'.
Male Associate: Their brother is Chao-Kung-Ming, ----, god of riches.
Pi-Hsiao, ----

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Male Associate: antagonist Yuan-Shih-T'ien-Tsun, ----, who imprisoned Her in a magic bottle in which She became changed into water and blood.

worked on: July 1991; July 1990.
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