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Uke-Mochi-No-Kami, She-Who-Possesses-Food.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of February, day 056, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Japanese.
Linguistic Note: Japanese uke, food, plus mochi, she who possesses.
Description: Goddess of fertility and the substances that sustain life; Provider of rice from flat-lands, sea-weed and fish from the sea, game creatures from the mountains; through Her death She sustains life.
To Whom Sacred: panic grass; cultivated rice-plant and the cooked grain; wheat; millet; beans; cattle; silkworms; horse.
Male Associate: Inari, ----. She is sometimes confused with him.

Source: DWM 106; JM.JP 19; MAW 424; New Larousse EM 417.
Inari, ----.

Geography/Culture: Japanese.
Description: Shapeshifting Shehe of rice; Guardian of rice-crops; Shehe Who descends from Eris mountain home in spring and returns in autumn; Tutelary deity of swordsmiths and traders.
To Whom Sacred: fox.

Source: PJ.JM 58, 106
worked on: December 1995; July 1991; July 1990.
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