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Izanami, She-Who-Invites.
Alternate meanings: Inviting-Woman, The-Female-Who-Invites.
[to Whom the sixth day of November, day 310, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Japanese: Shinto.
Description: Her Augustness, the Princess Who invites; She Whose body grows in all its parts save only one which does not grow together; She Who committed the first breach of the ritual of sexual union by speaking before Her consort at the joining of Their august parts; Great Aami; Creatrix of, and Name Giver to, (with Her consort), the eight Japanese Islands; She Who bore thirty august deities of the earth, sea, seasons, winds, trees, mountains, moors and fire; Progenitrix of the Japanese people; Great Spirit of the Land of Night; Queen of death and the eight spirit thunders of decomposition; the Road Reaching Great Bami.
To Whom Sacred: maggots (which covered Her decomposing body when Izanagi found Her); wagtail (from whom She and he learned the art of love-making); a Floating Bridge of Heaven (probably the rainbow ), on which She and he stood to stir the waters); fire (which She gave brith to); jeweled-spear (with which She and he stirred the primeval brine and formed land); Aomi, 'the Land of Gloom' (which became Her home).
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Izanami.
Male Associates: Brother/Consort, Izanagi, He-Who-Invites. Of Her many sons the first was Hiruko, ----, god of the morning sun, guardian of children's health; another was Susano-o-no, Brave-Swift-Impetuous-Male, god of wind, guardian of the sea (though some say he was brought into being when Izanagi washed his nose). The son whose birth caused Her descent into 'the Land of Gloom' was the fire god Homosubi, He-Who-Starts-Fire.

Source: Couchoud AMDDEM 388-90; Campbell MGOM 467-71; CR.GG/105; Funk & Wagnall SDFML/539; Monagham BGH 159; Piggott JM15.
Hisa-Me, Frowning-Women.

Geography/Culture: Japan.

worked on: October 1995; August 1991.
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