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Uni, {Dove}.
Alternate meaning: {Prime-Vulva}.
[to Whom the twenty-third day of February, day 053, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Etruria: especially Taquinia, Pyrgi. Linguistic Note: the alternate meaning is based on Walker's observation that the Semitic ione, 'dove', is a cognate of Sanskrit yoni, 'vulva' {even today pigeons are associated with lasciviousness} and related to the name Uni.
Description: Great Mother of the Uni-verse; Goddess of the sea; Queen of the sky; Hurler of thunder-bolts; Benefactress of cities and women; Giver of safe birth passage to children.
An Etruscan city was not considered a true city till three main temples to the three greatest divinities -- Uni, Mera and Tinia -- had been built.
To Whom Sacred: the three-lobed lily or fleur-de-lis {I think that means the iris?};{the female genitalia}; veil; admonitory thunderbolt (sent before an action had taken place but after it had been decided upon).
Male Associate: Son: Hercle, ----, (identified with Hercules). Source: Graves GMv2 118.2; {EMEL poss typo for EDEL, ie Skeats}; Walker WEMS 253, 1027.
worked on: June, July 1990; July 1991; June 1995.
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