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Iphigeneia, Mothering-a-Strong-Race.
Alternate meanings: Strong-Born, Mightily-Born.
[to Whom the twenty-second day of October, day 295, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek, perhaps especially Aulis, from Scythian Chersonese, i.e., the Crimea.
Description: Mighty Queen; Goddess of the sea, summer and (perhaps) of women; She Who, in human form and about to be sacrificed to Herself, opposed human sacrifice by substituting, or becoming, as some say a doe, or as others, a bear, or bull, or calf, or some say She just became an Old Woman.
To Whom Sacred: doe (which was substituted for Her sacrifice, stag, hind and deer are all named in various sources as the substitute); bull (in some versions of Her myth, Her substitute); she-bear (in some versions of the myth, Her substitute); thunder; mid-summer sacrifice of king surrogate; sacrifice of strangers; cloud (in which some say She was wrapped by Artemis and wafted from the place of sacrifice).

Source: GR.WG/421; KD.WWGRM/130; PR.HG/157; RHJ.HGM/87, 119-20, 132
Chrysothemis, Golden-Order.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: One aspect of a triple Goddess; Crone Goddess of autumn and winter.

Source: KC.GG/54; KD.WWGRM/60. Check refs: GR.GMv2/112.d,1; 113.e,n,3,7; 160.t,7.
Tauropolus, Bull-Slayer.

Geography/Culture: Crimea: the country of the Tauroi, brought to Greece.
Description: She Who is worshipped with human sacrifice.
After Her arrival in Greece Her ritual was modified to the shedding of a few drops of human blood in a pretence of throat-cutting.

Source: Graves GMv2 74.
worked on: October, July 1995; August 1991.
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