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Uatchit, {Papyrus-Dwelling}.
Alternate meaning: Queen-of-Cobras.
[to whom the thirty-first day of March, day 090, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egypt: the Delta. Her chief cities of worship in Lower Egypt were Per-Uatchet and Buto {though Buto may be the Greek name for Per-Uatchet}.
Linguistic Note: The hieroglyph for Her name is composed of: W'zy.t.
Description: Wing-armed Goddess of marshes and the sun's burning heat; Lady of flame; Gaurdian of the life of river deltas, especially that of the Nile delta; Protectress of lower Egypt; Destroyer of the foes of the dead; She Who sometimes appears as a winged serpent.
To Whom Sacred: papyrus; uraeus (cobra -- the uraeus combined in the crown is placed on the Pharoah's head at coronation, from where She raises Her head above his brow in an embrace of recognition ready to deal death to his enemies -- the Pharoah having been previously initiated into the language of serpents); the appearance of the Northern sky at dawn (with which She was identified); hair; papyrus sceptre entwined by a cobra; sun disk; crown of lower Egypt.
Iconography: She is depicted either as a Woman wearing the sun disk, or as a winged serpent, frequently a cobra, with the crown of Lower Egypt on Her head.
Source: GE.EAWB/?; Budge BD 189, 265. (from the thin illustrated Egyptian book "she wears the sun disk in this painting from the tomb of the prince Amun-kher-khopsh in the Valley of the Kings. Twentieth Dynasty
Bouto, Great-in-Magic.

Alternate meaning: Dwelling-of-Uatchit.
Geography/Culture: Egyptian > Greek.
Linguistic Note: Perhaps from >Beta-omicron-upsilon-tau-omicron-mu-omicron-upsilon-sigma (boutomous), 'the flowering rush', Greek name for the papyrus, or something like it.
Source: IGEL 155.
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