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Bendis, {Wave-of-the-Deep}.
[to Whom the fifteenth day of April, day 105, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Thracian. Her worship spread to Athens.
Linguistic Note: Wave of the deep is given as the meaning of Benthesicyme in Graves GMv2 index. It is here used as a meaning for Bendis, without much hope that it is correct.
Description: Great Orgiastic Mother Goddess of fertility, {and, perhaps, death}; She Who is identified with the moon; Ruler of, (or invested with power over), heaven and earth; Destroying Crone of the waning moon; She Who is associated with rivers as the waters of birth.
She was Christianized as a She-demon.
To Whom Sacred: the planet Venus.
Male Associate: consort, Sabazius, Breaker-in-Pieces, horned god of the sun.

Source: C,R.GG 156; Graves GMv1 59; PCMD; NLEM/160; WEMS/95.

Geography/Culture: Thracian. Her cult was introduced into Attica in the 5th century, BC.
Description: Goddess of war and the chase.
To Whom Sacred: moon-fern (also called moonwort, a small fern, botrychium lunaria; the frond bears several pairs of close-set, semi-circular or moon-shaped pinnae; it is widely distributed in the north and south temperate and cold zones.)
Festival: Bendidea. It was held at the Pieraeus, and included a torch race on horse-back.

Source: 13thEBv18 807b (or moonseed, ibid 807a); and others unrecorded.
Cotytto, {Cup-of-Life}.

Geography/Culture: Thracian, Corinth, Sicily and throughout N.W.Europe.
Linguistic Note: although Cottyto is not a Greek word, the following is of interest: Greek kappa-omicrkon-tau-upsilon-lambda-eta, (kotyle), cup; kappa-omicron-tau-upsilon-lambda-eta-delta-omega-nu, (kotyledon), any cup-shaped hollow.
Description: Great orgiastic Crone (though some say Mother) Goddess of the earth, fertility, (perhaps the moon) and happy sexuality; She Who pipes to reapers at their work; Eponymous ancestress of the Cottians.
Her worship took place on hill-tops, at night.
To Whom Sacred: fruit; barley-cakes; spruce-beer (laced with ivy, sweetened with mead); white bull; human sacrifice; bronze cymbals and other instruments; Her devotees included mystagoues called Babtists.
Festival: Cottyttia, nocturnal and licentious; in Sicily a feature of it was the carrying of boughs hung with fruit and barley-cakes. It was notorious in late classical times for its licentiousness.
Male Associate: son, Cottus; consort, Sabazius (assimilated by Dionysius). Her name is also masculinized.

Source: ET.JEH/61; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 254; GMv1/32, 107-8; IGEL/446; New Larousse EM 160; Graves WG 62; 135-6.
Callirrhoe, Fair-Flowing.

Geography/Culture: Greece.
Male Associate: consort Tros.

worked on: December, May 1995; August 1991; July, June 1990.
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