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Bhairavi, `The-Terrible'.
Alternate meaning: `Terror-Causing-Power'.
[to Whom the ninth day of April, day 099, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani: Vedic.
Description: Three-eyed, moon-crested, Goddess of creation, dissolution and recreation; the only World-Mother; Source of the Vedas; She Whose substance is the fifty letters of the Sanskrit writing system; She Whose substance is existence and intelligence; Source of knowledge; Abode of bliss; Giver of happiness; Origin of all prosperity; Purveyor of the infinity of forms and desires which attract and distract humanity; Wielder of the terror-causing-power (that is -- death); She Who silently carries out the relentless process of perpetual decay; She Whose supreme form none know.
See also the Goddess Anthology under Bhairavi.
To Whom are sacred: rudraksa seeds; saffron (with which Her body shines); the cresent moon; the colour red (Her body is painted vermillion, Her garments are scarlet); the mudras of granting boons and dispelling fear; book (= knowledge); rosary of rudraksa seeds; necklace of large pearls; jar of nectar; the Sanskrit writing system (the letters of which stand for functions and qualities of being); the moon (in which form She creates the world); the sun (in which form She maintains the world); Fire (in which form She destroys the universe).
Male associate: consort, Bhairava (who is Siva when he assumes the form of the all-pervading ruler of death).

Sources: Stutley HDH 41; Woodroffe HGHK 23-30.
Tripura, The-Triple-City

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddess of the Triple City; She Who emerged from the lingam which then divided into three parts; She Who silently carries out Death's relentless work.
Male associate: Siva, when he assumes the form of the all-pervading ruler of death.

Sources: Stuteley HDH 304.
Tripurasundari, Fair-One-of-the-Triple-City.
Alternate meanings: Goddess-of-the-Triple-City

Geography/Culture: Hindustani. Tantric.
Description: Goddess of the Triple City; Fairest Being in the three spheres, heaven, earth and air.

Sources: Stuteley HDH 304.
worked on: September, May 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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