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Gauri, Brilliant-White

. Alternate meanings: Yellow, Brilliant.
[to Whom the fourth day of June, day 155, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Golden Virgin Goddess of the sky, rain, abundance, animal and vegetal fertility; grain harvest, marriage and child-naming; She from Whom the oceans flow-down; Source of the world; Cosmic Cow.
{Note: of "...Gauri, Spouse of Siva. the Devi Pruana says; 'She who was burned by the fire of yoga was again born of Himalaya; as She has the colour of the conch, jasmine, and moon, She is called Gauri.' Her colour is golden. Siva said to Parvati: 'O Daughter of Himalaya, I am white as the moon and thou art dark. I am the sandal-tree, and thou art, as it were, a snake entwined round it.' Parvati, taking umbrage at this remark upon Her dark complexion, went away to the forest, and there, by the perfomrance of austerities, gained for Herself a golden complexion beautiful as the sunlit sky." quoted from p. 30 Woodroffe HGHK. Surely this is the story of Uma. Is there no distinction between Uma and Gauri?}
To Whom Sacred: barley; godhika (iguana); yellow gaura buffalo; cow; golden liquor; women's circular dance; swing and swinging; August's new moon.
Festivals: One is held when the sun enters the sign of the Ram; there ia a Swinging Festival on the third clear day of the month caitra (March-April).
Male Associates: consort, Iswara, or Siva, or Varuna. Source: FJ.GB/398; SM&J.HDH/96, 120.
Apah, Waters.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddesses of the celestial and terrestial waters and the origins of life; as the Mothers -- Those Who produce all things and represent all Deities; Those Who heal, purify, liberate from evil dreams and bestow immortality; Absolvers of guilt; as Maidens -- Those Who give boons and attend the sacrifice.
"All things animate and inanimate are but water solidified, and hence it should always be reverenced."
To Whom Sacred: saliva. Source: HDH/15.
Gauris, Brilliant-Ones.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani. Description: A class of Goddesses composed of the six varieties of Gauri. Source: SM&J.HDH/96.
Isana, {Powerful-One}.

Alternate meanings: {Ruler}.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani. Source: Stutley HDH 120.
Isani, {Powerful-One}.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani. Source: GB.JS/see index Gouri.
Laja, ---.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: Stutley gives laja, L*J1, as meaning 'parched' or 'puffed rice' used as food and as a ritual offering.
Iconography: Lotus-headed supine frog figure. Source:
worked on: August 6, 1991; May 1995.
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