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Heket, Great-Magician.

[to Whom the fifteenth day of May, day 135, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Ancient Great, sometimes frog-headed, Goddess of creation, germination, fertility, spells, incantations, human conception and birth; Mother of the Deities; She Who assists the daily rebirth of the sun; She Who presides over the embryonic state of grain just prior to germination; Ancestress of Deities; Midwife of the sun's birth; She Who accelerates the birth of rulers.
To Whom Sacred: grain; frog (since the frog was seen in great numbers a day or two before the rise of the Nile -- or after the annual inundation -- it was regarded as a symbol of new life and prolific generation and multiplication. A frog amulet, sometimes a frog at the end of a phallus was carried by Egyptions to guarantee fertility); thighs; Ankh.
Iconography: frog-headed.
Male Associates: Khnemu (Khumn), Moulder, or Shu, He-Who-Holds-Up. Source: BD.EAWB/193, 309, 602; NLEM/38; PCMD/Heket; WWEM.AM/55.
Heq-Maa, Mother-of-magical-knowledge.

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Naunet, ---.

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Frog-headed, [or serpent-headed] creatrix; Frog Goddess of the Ogdoad.
Male Associate: consort, Nun. Source: Mercacante WWEM 111; Monaghan BGH 215.

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