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Tiamat, Primeval-Being.
[to Whom the thirty-first day of July, day 212, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Babylonian. (azov 1983 ruins of the city Babylon 32.15n x 54.23e).
Description: Goddess of the ocean of salt waters that surround the earth {and the amoniac primordial oceans of the origins of life}; Demoness of Chaos; Goddess of violent storms, terrestial swamps {and the first monstrous quadrapeds}; She Who signifies death by drowning; Dragon; Monster of the powers of evil and darkness; Mother of all the world, Deities, people, animals, and of the serpent brood born to battle the Deities.
To Whom Sacred: {dinosaurs; large snakes; noxious smells}; thunderbolts (the invincible weapons of Her helpers); the number 11 (She had eleven Mighty Helpers, 11 kinds of monstrous creatures, the serpent brood); the Tablets of Destiny.
Male Associates: brother/consort, Apsu, primeval male, God of the fresh waters under the earth. (His name is the same as the realm of Nammu, Sea, below, and perhaps a masculinization of an alternate name for Nammu). Son (or Grandson)/consort, Kingu, ---. She was the Nurse of Marduk, Her destroyer.

Source: DWM.AC 51; Stutley HDH 15, 320; PSDMO 149, 219, 256.
Lilwanis, ----.

Geography/Culture: Anatolian, Hittite. Had a mausoleum at Hattusas. Linguistic Note: She is associated with the dragon Illuhankas, who name may be etymologically related to Her name. Description: Goddess of earth.
To Whom Sacred: intoxicating liquour.
Festival: which included a ritual combat between the storm God and Illuhankas, the dragon.

Source: BGH/180; WGW.MS/97.
Nammu, Sea.

Geography/Culture: Early Summerian.
Linguistic Note: Her name was expressed by the ideogram for 'sea'.
Description: Goddess of apsu, the eternal and un-created primeval abyss of the sweet waters of creation; Mother of heaven, earth and all Deities.
Male Associates: son, Enki.

Source: Monaghan BGH 214.
Rahab, ----.

Geography/Culture: Hebraic.
Description: Goddess of prophesy, the sea and the moon; Gaurdian of Sheol, the uninhabitable part of the world; She Who takes the form of a sea-beast.
Or She was accused of being a monster after the usurpation of Her authority by Bel or Marduk, by Whom She was mortally wounded.
To Whom Sacred: the number 13.
Male Associates: usurper Bel, or usurper Marduk.

Source: Graves WG 161, 268, 363, 480.
Tamtu, Primeval-Being.

Geography/Culture: Perhaps Hebrew.

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