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Derceto, {Great-Whale}.
Alternate meanings: Whale-of-Der, Syrian-Goddess.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of April, day 116, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Babylonia: city of Der. Syria: especially Askelon.
Linguistic Note: Her name may have originated in (What language?) dagitu, the feminine form of the word for fish, a symbol of Atargatis, Opportune-Time. Derceto, {Great-Whale}, is also said to be a Greek short form, or corruption of Atargatis. The definition of Syrian-Goddess is probably not a definition of the name but more likely a description of Who She is related to the Roman name for Her.
Description: Great fish Goddess of water and its fishes; She Who swallows and gives birth to the sun; City-Protectress.
Male Associate: Son, Oannes solar fish God.
To Whom Sacred: whale.

Atargatis, Opportune-Time.

Geography/Culture: Syrian.
Linguistic Note: Aramean 'At[t]ar-'athe compound (ie bi-sexual). [Related word: Attar (from Persian atar,, essence) of roses.]
Description: Great Divinity of the sea and its fishes; Protectress of the community; Inventor of useful appliances; Shehe of generation and fertility.
To Whom Sacred: dove; snake; fish; ass; mural crown; mendicant priests.

Ascalon, ----.

Geography/Culture: Philistine.
To Whom Sacred: doves.

Source: (can't find ref.)
Dea-Syria, Syrian-Goddess.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Roman name for Atargatis, Opportune-Time.

Compiler's note: {I have noted under Mary that She's similar to Dea-Syria, Syrian-Goddess, also Mother of God. The connection of Atargatis and Ascalon with doves might advance the similarity, but there are other dove Goddesses -- I think this must have been my observation and might be best to let it alone}.
worked on: December, September, July 1995; August, July 1991.
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