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Sekhmet, Powerful-One.
[to Whom the nineteenth day of December, day 53, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian: especially Memphis.
Description: Great and terrible Goddess of the fiery drought causing power of the sun and the deadly destructive passion of fighting and war; She Who belches fire; She Who triumphs over Her enemies; Divine Eye of Ra; She Who knows how to make right use of the heart; Matron of metalworkers.
Invocations, Pleas, Hymns and Other Homage to HER: Sekhmet.
To Whom Sacred: cobra; lioness; intoxicating mixture of beer and pomegranate juices; solar-disk; uraeus.
Iconography: portrayed as a woman whose lioness head is surmounted by the solar disk encircled by the uraeus.
Male Associates: son, Nefertem, by consort: Ptah; and/or the ruling Pharoah.

Source: EM.LL/92; NELM; PCMD/Sekhmet; WWEM.AM/142.
worked on: November, May 1995; March 1992; July 1991.
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