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GAZETTEER, Mediterranean (Greece) Supplement

Latitudes and longitudes are specified in degrees and decimals of degrees, 1 min=.016667.

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This File - Mediterranean (Greece) Supplement.
African Supplement.

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Greece and the Aegean Islands Prehistoric Greece to c.1000 BC:
Earliest settlements in CRETE, and along the eastern coast of the mainland, possibly as early as 4000 BC, made by neolithic immigrants apparently from the south, by sea.
3500 BC neolithic immigrants from the north (bringing a culture evolved in the Danube basin) settled in THESSALY, and as far south as the Gulf of CORINTH.
3000 BC Entered the Age of Copper - mettalurgy, plow, the wheel, the sailing boat, architecture, art-work, trade in luxury items throughout the Aegean area and with the Middle East, especially Egypt.
2400 BC The Aegean area entered the Bronze Age.
[CRETE - Minoan]
2000 BC. Mature Bronze Age. Centers of civilization were towns with palace-temples. Craftsmen, scribes/record and account-keeping; priest-kings; periodic destructive wars.

PELOPONNESE (Gr. Pelos' Island), also PELOPONNESUS. The name for southern Greece, the large peninsula sometimes known as the Morea, because its outline resembles that of a mulberry leaf. It is an individual mountainous system of about 8,600 square miles, reaching at its apex an elevation of 7,875 feet. It is attached to the mainland by the slender Isthmus of Corinth, which has the Corinthian Gulf on the west and the Saronic Gulf on the east. The chief divisions of the country in ancient times were:
ARCADIA, in the center,
ACHAIA, to the north,
ELIS, to the west,
MESSENIA, to the southwest,
LACONIA, to the south-east,
ARGOLIS, to the northeast.

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