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GAZETTEER, African Supplement:

Latitudes and longitudes are specified in degrees and decimals of degrees, 1 min=.016667.

Gazetteer volume 1: Accadia - Aztec.
Gazetteer volume 2: Babylonia - Dravadian.
Gazetteer volume 3: Egypt - Finland.
Gazetteer volume 4: Gaelic - Hurrian.
Gazetteer volume 5: Iberian Peninsula - Lydians.
Gazetteer volume 6: Maeonians - Rome
Gazetteer volume 7: Samos - Zorastian.
Mediterranean (Greece) Supplement.
This File - African Supplement.

Benin (Nigeria). Formerly Dahomey.
1. A republic of western Africa . . . formerly an overseas territory of French West Africa; an independent country since 1960. Capitol Porto-Novo.
2. A former native kingdom of western Africa now a province of Nigeria.
3. The former name for the French possessions on the Guinea Coast.
Goddesses: Mawu. Source: AHDEL.

Dahomey. See Benin.

Guinea Coast. The coastline of the Gulf of Guinea which is an inlet of the Atlantic extending eastwards to include the bights of Benin and Biafra.

Nigeria - A country in the West of Africa where, among others, the Yoruba people live. See also Benin.

Yoruba. Worshippers of Oshun. Her principle shrine is in the city of Oshobo, past which the river Oshun flows.

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